About Backlog

Lead Editor – Will Harrison


Along with Rachel Harrison, Will is the founder of Backlog Adventures. In the real world, Will is the current video game critic for The Toledo Blade, a Pulitzer-winning daily newspaper in Toledo, Ohio. In the past he has written for the Austin American-Statesman, Thrillist, Amazon, Curse Media, Diolog Magazine, and VideoGameWriters. You can get a hold of Will on Twitter @DoubleUHarrison or on PSN at EyePawd.




Kyle Northrop is a professional doer of things. Never having less than 2 jobs but also never really trying at any of them. Kyle has been involved with music since age 3, and knows more about comics than anyone not named Stan Lee. Kyle is a 20-something practice child for his friends and is the Alpha Cat in the Harrison household. Always trying to be funny but rarely successful, Kyle endeavors to broaden the horizons of those around him by proving he is always right. “If you ever see me taking something very seriously, I am probably faking.” Follow Kyle on Twitter @iAm_Indie. You can probably kick his ass on PSN at ConversionBox.


Jen Obertacz has two master’s degrees, enough pop culture knowledge to make Harry Dresden nervous, and an astounding lack of shame over her wrestling addiction. She lives in the Toledo, OH area and can be contacted on Twitter at @TargChick6488.


Noah Lamprecht is an area man. He voted for Lyndon Johnson. Twice.