Review Post-Mortem: Evolve

My posts on Backlog Adventures have been few and far between since the beginning of my newest venture. I became the games reporter and review for The Toledo Blade back in December, which is the largest newspaper in the area outside of Detroit.

I appreciate the opportunity given in the print space allotted to my gaming thoughts, but sometimes there is not enough space to justify my full opinion. Alas, this is one of the more difficult differences between writing online and print, and one that I must adapt to.

Regardless, I felt it best to find a space online to sum up my thoughts that weren’t fit to print for my gaming reviews within The Blade.

This week, I reviewed ‘Evolve’–FOUND HERE AT THIS LINK–a game with an idea that may have been too clever for its own good.  Continue reading

Backlog WWE Reviews: Summerslam 2014


For the last decade, Summerslam has been considered the starting point for a long stretch of events and story lines that all lead to Wrestlemania. The best examples that come to mind is last year with Daniel Brian’s World Title win –and subsequent loss– at the 2013 iteration of the WWE summer classic. The problem with this long haul is keeping the audience engaged in the main event. Expecting fans to stay hot in a singular way for up to eight months might be asking too much, given WWE Creative’s predilections for changing their mind on whether a guy is “their guy” on a whim.

Can WWE keep the momentum coming out of Summerslam? Only hindsight will tell. For now, here is what went down on the 17th of August in Los Angeles.
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