Game of the Year 2017: Turtles and Cupheads and But Wholes, Oh My

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Game of the Year 2016: Pokemon Are Go, and DOOM slays the crowd while reloading

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Backlog WWE Reviews: Extreme Rules (5/22/16)


Extreme Rules has the supreme displeasure of being the weird, “between important stuff” event, filled to the brim with matches and feuds that have long overstayed their welcome.  Continue reading


iAm Indie: Reviews ‘Honest Man’ – Matt Andersen


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Triple Threat Squash Night – NXT Review: 1/20/2016

alexaGreetings, Adventurers, and welcome to the newest feature in the backlog: NXT reviews!

For those who might not know much about NXT, it’s the developmental promotion for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE); which has, in the past few years, undergone something of a revolution in presentation with the success of indie stars before their inevitable call up to the main roster. Continue reading


WWE RAW Review: 5/4/15: “In which everyone gets “Olé-ed”

Welcome to the first week of RAW reviews for Backlog Adventures. In an effort to create more wrestling-centered content, I’ll be handling RAW reviews henceforth, for as long as I can stand what has been a generally terrible three hours of professional wrestling.

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Review post-mortem: Bloodborne

Spoilers for Bloodborne may be abound. Take warning. 

Just a short, pre-post-mortem diatribe before we begin:

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