Let’s Play: Dragon Age Inquisition high dragon kills; Plus, a note on the future

Well, I’ve been gone awhile, huh?

Backlog Adventures has served as my personal “anything that is fit for internet print” space during my misadventures of online games journalism. While that is certainly not going to change, a recent vocation shift in my online writing duties will also force BLA to do some shifting as well.

Also: I killed some dragons. Serious stuff first, however.

As of December 20th, VideoGameWriters, the location of my writings as a staff writer for the past two years will be shuttering its digital doors for good. With the editor-in-chief moving on, so does the rest of the staff. I do not have a heavy heart in the matter, as VGW was the place where I feel like I have honed my writing the most since college.

I am proud of my work at VGW, which has included game reviews, guides, interviews with some of the most interesting folks in gaming, and the freedom to write whatever the blue hell I wanted to when it came to fighting games. I appreciate and value that freedom, as it allowed me to grow as a writer in ways that I had not seen in my now five years since graduating college.

What is next? A few things are in the works back out in the realm of “vidya garmes” journalism. For now, I wish to expand Backlog Adventures further, as was the initial idea when myself and my wife Rachel came up with the site a few years ago. With any luck, BLA will expand into a tech/nerd slice of life site. With the help of my closest friends and some choice writers, I hope to create an eventual content hub that will see opinions on everything I hold dear in life: from gaming and comics, to music, film, and even professional wrestling.

This expansion will also include a focus on video content, such as the entry below. I have been churning through Dragon Age: Inquisition, and as such I have a bevy of content to share. Today’s serving involves my level 20 Inquisitor downing not one, but two high dragons in the wilds of Emprise Du Lion.

Stick around and tell your friends. A lot more is coming down the pike.


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