I wrote some words about attending Gen Con 2015

The muted, brown tones that coated the main exhibit hall of the Indiana Convention Center were merely a vessel for waves of noise and humanity. Taking reprieve of my exodus from the exhibit hall, I found myself slouched to the side of the hallway.

My feet bayed in pain like a wolf mournfully howling at the moon, though the reality was far less romantic. In this sea of  noise, sweat, and revelry I was auditorily assaulted by fragments of conversations coming from each and every direction.

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Steve Austin being on the cover of WWE 2K16 is a perfect example of the series’ problems


News broke from WWE this morning that former Superstar and industry legend ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin will be gracing the cover of this year’s iteration of the 2K Games series, WWE 2K16. On the surface, placing such a notable and popular face on the cover seems like a smart marketing move.

Given that professional wrestling fans tend to lapse in and out of fandom with some regularity, pandering to former viewers that haven’t seen the product since Austin’s heyday is a great way to draw eyes back on the product.

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Review Post-Mortem: Evolve

My posts on Backlog Adventures have been few and far between since the beginning of my newest venture. I became the games reporter and review for The Toledo Blade back in December, which is the largest newspaper in the area outside of Detroit.

I appreciate the opportunity given in the print space allotted to my gaming thoughts, but sometimes there is not enough space to justify my full opinion. Alas, this is one of the more difficult differences between writing online and print, and one that I must adapt to.

Regardless, I felt it best to find a space online to sum up my thoughts that weren’t fit to print for my gaming reviews within The Blade.

This week, I reviewed ‘Evolve’–FOUND HERE AT THIS LINK–a game with an idea that may have been too clever for its own good.  Continue reading