Review Post-Mortem: Evolve

My posts on Backlog Adventures have been few and far between since the beginning of my newest venture. I became the games reporter and review for The Toledo Blade back in December, which is the largest newspaper in the area outside of Detroit.

I appreciate the opportunity given in the print space allotted to my gaming thoughts, but sometimes there is not enough space to justify my full opinion. Alas, this is one of the more difficult differences between writing online and print, and one that I must adapt to.

Regardless, I felt it best to find a space online to sum up my thoughts that weren’t fit to print for my gaming reviews within The Blade.

This week, I reviewed ‘Evolve’–FOUND HERE AT THIS LINK–a game with an idea that may have been too clever for its own good.  Continue reading

On Ferguson and the militarization of Middle America

The greatest advice I received in my college days came in the fall of 2009 during the first day of “Psychology in application to law enforcement.” The class was taught by a tenured professor who was a former Athens County district attorney that taught the class once a year.

The first words out of his mouth to the room of forty or so students are words that I believe–now more than ever–should be taken to heart:

“Don’t trust the police. They aren’t your friend.”
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On why I will never review a free-to-play title again

With the week that was E3 gone and past I find myself with a wealth of article ideas, topics, and conclusions that can all serve as ammunition for my writing. Of course, that in and of itself is a problem as well: When given the choice to do anything I tend to lose the urge to do so at all. In an effort to avoid this sad complacency I thought the best course of action would be smaller reviews of mobile games.

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On ‘The act of Not Writing’

Today I would like to talk about writing. To be more specific, I want to talk about not being able to write. Of course, I don’t mean some kind of debilitating infliction by which my hands can no longer move and I am left attempting to train a series of parrots-each with their own keyboard–to respond to an intricate series of whistles and mouth pops that will instruct them on which letters to type on my behalf

That would be absurd. Instead, let’s discuss the sheer inability to will yourself to write down words. Some call it ‘writer’s block.’ I call it a revolving wheel of apathy, personal failure, and extreme paranoia caused by an overactive superiority complex.

I guess that doesn’t fit on a t-tshirt, so let’s just refer to this phenomenon from this point out as The Cycle.

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