Steve Austin being on the cover of WWE 2K16 is a perfect example of the series’ problems


News broke from WWE this morning that former Superstar and industry legend ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin will be gracing the cover of this year’s iteration of the 2K Games series, WWE 2K16. On the surface, placing such a notable and popular face on the cover seems like a smart marketing move.

Given that professional wrestling fans tend to lapse in and out of fandom with some regularity, pandering to former viewers that haven’t seen the product since Austin’s heyday is a great way to draw eyes back on the product.

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How our heroes let us down and why some never deserve to be heroes in the first place

It is perfectly normal while growing up to have some kind of hero or person that you look up to or idolize. Sometimes, this person is a real world influence, such as a parent. More often than not, that someone is a celebrity. More often than that more often than not, that celebrity is an athlete.

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